Resident donates 50-year old microscope to The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools

This past Wednesday, one of our gracious Edenwald residents donated his 50-year old microscope from his time working as the head of hematology for a local hospital in Baltimore.

This gift was received by Deborah Phelps, the Executive Director for The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools. This foundation has made it their mission to invest in teaching and learning by providing supplemental venture capital to educators (principals, teachers, administrators, and parents) to accelerate student achievement.

Since its inception in 2000, the Education Foundation has successfully collaborated with other non-profits, government agencies, businesses, and the parents and communities in Baltimore County to bring a number of projects successfully to fruition.

The donated microscope will be available to 10,000 Baltimore County teachers, on loan from the Exchangeree, a collaborative teacher resource center for community donations.

To learn more about The Education Foundation, please visit