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When you live among fascinating neighbors in the heart of a cultural mecca, there’s never a dull moment. Catch up on the latest news from our Towson retirement community here.

See what’s happening in Edenwald’s retirement living community in Towson:

How Life Plan Communities Can Offer You Financial Security

Life Plan Communities, a Secure Option for Retirement Living. This is the moment you’ve been working and saving for your whole life: retirement. But after you say goodbye to your regular paycheck, what’s the best way to protect and preserve …

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The Importance of Intergenerational Activities with Seniors

There was a time when the young and the old naturally co-existed. It wasn’t unusual for multiple generations to live together in the same household or neighborhood, or just a short drive away. They cared for one another and shared …

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The Future of the Life Plan Community Model

Everyone and every sector in this country is assessing the impact of COVID-19 on their future viability. Healthcare providers who have been front-and-center with the COVID-19 outbreak are closely assessing what their services and offerings look like moving forward. Within …

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Will Senior Living Communities Fully Adopt Telehealth Nursing?

A lot of smart people have been searching for ways to make top-quality medical care more accessible, have lower costs, reduce hospitalizations and ease the strain on the healthcare system. Now, thanks to telehealth, it’s virtually possible. For senior living communities or …

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Fitness & Wellness Update 6/8/2020 – Family Health & Fitness Day

Good morning, This week’s topic is all about fitness & family. Both great words that start with an “F” in my opinion. Believe it or not, we have  a national health day for this. On Saturday, June 13th (second Saturday …

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Fitness Options for Stay-At-Home Older Adults

As stay at home orders continue in many states, older adults are getting creative with ways to exercise and maintain their positive well-being. The Boston Globe reports on the trend of people age 65+ participating in exercise classes from their living …

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