Lifelong Learning

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Living at Edenwald has numerous advantages that go beyond exceptional services and amenities. The array of events, programs and activities provide an opportunity for residents to continue to grow through an active lifestyle, lectures and unique opportunities.

Among these opportunities is the lifelong learning focus that includes not only interesting and educational speakers who come onsite, but offsite as well. With our location adjacent to Goucher College, adult learners can conveniently participate in Goucher College’s Sage Academy of Lifelong Learning. Through this program, adult learners join with students as they explore stimulating topics and share experiences just for the fun of it.

Discover Goucher College’s Sage Academy of Lifelong Learning.



Meaning Of Life for Young and Old

September 6th – December 6th

1:30pm – 2:30pm


In the fall of 2019, Edenwald will again hold intergenerational discussions with Goucher students. This will be the third year for such discussions, which have proven both meaningful and enriching for both younger and older generations. Discussions will be facilitated by Dr. Brian Patrick, Goucher Psychology Professor, who will be bringing his psychology class to these discussions. The general topic to be discussed will be *Meaning in Life for Young and Old.* Some of the questions that might be discussed are: What age does each generation consider as *old?* Does the younger generation think a great deal about their own aging? Did the older generation think a great deal about that question when they were young? What does each generation think are the positives and the negatives of growing older? For both generations, what gives hope or meaning to your life? For both, what do you think of retirement communities i.e., what do you see as the positives and what the negatives? Discussion participants can add their own questions. Some meetings will be held at Edenwald in the Multipurpose Room and some at Goucher.