Frequently Asked Questions

Edenwald is committed to providing a comfortable and engaging environment. We have collected the most common questions about our community and the numerous amenities and services we provide. Click on each question to view the answers below.

Where is Edenwald located?
You’ll find us in the heart of Towson, just off I-695 and a one-block walk from Towson Town Center. Whether you love the best in convenient living with shopping and restaurants at your fingertips, or long wooded walks along the Goucher College trails adjacent to the community, or the convenience of everything we offer all under one roof, you’ll be right at home at Edenwald.
Who owns and manages Edenwald?
Edenwald is a locally owned and operated not-for-profit, started in 1881 and moved to its current site in 1985. Our board is made up of local leaders, many lifelong Baltimore residents, solely focused on creating quality of life and excellent care right here in Towson, without the distractions of other communities in far-flung states.
Who lives at Edenwald?
People of all backgrounds, heritage, and origins weave the fabric of our community.  Our residents have lived interesting lives pursuing successful professions, travel, education, and public service.  They are curious, engaged, and continue to pursue their passions.  While many have lived years in Baltimore, others have lived around the country and have made Baltimore home to relocate to be near their children and grandchildren.
What levels of care are offered at Edenwald?
Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Comprehensive Nursing.  Healthcare residents have access and are welcome to use all the dining and amenities of independent living.
Why should I choose a community like Edenwald, which offers the option of future healthcare?

It’s important to choose a community that provides additional healthcare services — such as assisted living, comprehensive nursing care or memory care — because it provides you peace of mind for the future. Should you ever need extra support, you won’t have to leave your community and move elsewhere. At Edenwald, we offer you the security of future care through two different contract choices. There are pros and cons to these two different types of contracts, called Lifecare (Type A) and fee-for-service (Type C).

If you opt for a Lifecare (or Type A) contract, you’ll pay one all-inclusive entrance fee and a monthly service fee to enjoy unlimited care — including assisted living, comprehensive nursing care and memory care — at a minimal increase in your monthly fee. With a fee-for-service (Type C) contract, you’ll pay a lower entrance and monthly fee and receive the same services that you would with Lifecare — you’ll just pay for future healthcare, if needed, individually at market rates. Learn more about your contract options here.

Designed to provide a seamless transition from one level of care to another, CCRC’s (Continuing care retirement community), allow residents to “age in place.” Should a person’s needs change, he or she can access the care and services required from one community at one geographic location. This is especially helpful for couples – both can have the appropriate level of care while living in the same community.

What is LifeCare?
People choose a Type A LifeCare contract to secure a predictable expense for future care.  The monthly fee associated with a resident’s apartment follows them through future care.  The only increased cost when in healthcare are annual cost of living increase and a small additional cost for all three daily meals.  People who choose Edenwald’s Type A contract see it as a way to protect their assets from the rising costs of care.  For those who have already provided financially for future care or have long-term care insurance, Edenwald’s Type C contract can be an attractive option.

Learn more under Contract Options

What does a CCRC cost?

Most CCRCs require a one-time entrance fee plus monthly fees to cover on-going services such as maintenance, dining, and transportation. It’s important to ask if the entrance fee is refundable upon termination of the contract through a voluntary move or death, as not all communities offer entrance fee refunds*.

At Edenwald, the amount of the entrance fee depends on the apartment size and location, and it’s more affordable than you might think. Monthly fees also vary depending on the apartment size and number of occupants. Our onsite team can tell you more.

*Carefully read the Residence and Services Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before Edenwald is required to pay the entrance fee refund.

What living options are available at Edenwald or will I be able to choose from a variety of floor plans?
Edenwald offers a range of spacious floorplan options, from convenient one-bedroom homes with private balcony, to two-bedroom and two-bedroom with den options with more than 1800 square feet of living space.
Why is Edenwald right for me as a single person?
At Edenwald, single people have the best of both worlds: the privacy of their own home and a friendly community of neighbors right outside their door. Residents appreciate a community that provides purpose, meaning, and security with healthcare services right onsite and the ability to control the cost for future care.
Why is Edenwald right for us as a couple?
Couples at Edenwald appreciate having a plan that provides everything they might need under one roof.  With dining, fitness, medical clinic, and higher levels of care onsite, they know they can stay together even if needs change.  And for those who choose Type A lifecare, they feel confident knowing they have a predictable expense for care should they need it.
How many people live in the Edenwald community?
The community serves nearly 350 residents in independent living.   Its’ 18 story Tower building and 12 story Terrace building each feature lovely views and 280 apartment homes all convenient to Edenwald’s services and amenities. Many couples as well as singles live in the apartment residences.
Does Edenwald have a Resident's Association?
Yes. Our residents’ association fosters programs to enhance our outstanding services. We believe resident involvement is essential for nurturing a strong working partnership among residents, administrative staff and the Edenwald Board of Directors.

Residents elect four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and hold monthly meetings.  The Resident Association President serves on the Edenwald Board of Directors.

Can our family, group or business host a meeting, party or special event on Edenwald's campus?
Yes. From retirement parties and rehearsal dinners to board meetings and holiday parties, Edenwald offers several rooms that can accommodate a range of events. Take advantage of our catering services, find details here.
Are Edenwald events open to future residents and guests?
Yes. We encourage you to join us for our exciting concerts, lectures, theater performances and trips. Attendance is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and current residents and waitlist members receive priority seating.

CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County) classes are very popular and open only to residents at this time.

To learn more about an Edenwald event or program, contact our activities coordinator by filling out this form or call her at 410-339-6017.

I would like to join the waiting list to help ensure that I become a resident. What is the process?
Our waiting list serves residents who are ready to move to Edenwald, but their preferred apartment is not available.  Our Edenwald team would love to speak with you about the application and deposit process to become a future resident, please contact us at 410-339-6290.