MD Department of Health Annual Assisted Living Survey

Earlier this month, the Maryland Department of Health’s Office of Health Care Quality conducted an in-depth survey of our Assisted Living communities, Southerly Place and Hoerich’s Hall. We are thrilled to report that both communities have been deemed “deficiency free”!

This annual survey serves to judge whether Maryland’s Assisted Living Programs are compliant with all of the state’s requirements, which ensure that residents of those programs receive the care that they need. While conducting their survey of the Assisted Living communities, surveyors do a comprehensive review of administrative policies and procedures, inservices such as Infection Control, emergency preparedness plans, and staff training records.

In addition to community protocols, the surveyor also selected a random percentage of resident records to review in detail. They look at service plans and medications, as well as various other quality assurance markers to confirm that the organization is meeting expectations.

We are currently accepting residents directly into healthcare areas like Southerly Place and Hoerich’s Hall with limited availability. Call (443) 339-6290 for more information.