Aging Gratefully [in Senior Living] with Carole Ellin – Editorial

by Simone Ellin, Associate Editor of Jmore

Aging Gratefully: Carole Ellin

Jmore recently spoke with six local Jewish seniors to receive insights, in their own words, on how best to enjoy one’s twilight years.

‘A Lot of Light’

A Baltimore-born mother of three and grandmother of four, Carole B. Ellin, 86, is a former longtime Pikesville resident and the widow of the late Morton J. Ellin. She lives at Edenwald. [Ellin is the former mother-in-law of the writer.]

“When it was time for me and Morty to decide where we wanted to move, I knew I wanted to look at Edenwald. I knew a lot of people who lived there. I was a Goucher College graduate and worked at Goucher for many years, so I liked the idea of living close to the school.

“We moved here three years ago, in 2018. When I first started looking for an apartment, I knew I wanted a place with a lot of light. So we waited and waited until the right apartment came up.

“I remember the realtor called me and said, ‘We have an apartment for you.’ I said, ‘When can I come look at it?’ She said, ‘You don’t have to look at it. It’s perfect for you.’ Of course, I did go and look at it, and she was right. My apartment has lots of light and the most beautiful views. I can just sit and look out, at the trees and the birds in the sky all day long.

“I love the pool. It’s two stories and surrounded by glass so you can see outside, and there’s a hot tub. Sometimes we have Water Zumba and I’ve become friends with the other people in the class. It’s easy to make friends because there are so many activities.

“I knew a lot of people already, most of them old friends from Green Valley Swim Club. There are also people from my old neighborhood. I’ve met new people, too. There’s a beauty shop and now they have a manicurist. At night there’s good music and afterwards, you don’t have to go outside and get in the car to go home. “There’s even Nifty Thrifty, a place to buy furniture and clothes that other residents have donated. We have Shabbat services every other Friday. Different rabbis come, and it’s really nice. They even have Rosendorff’s challah at the store downstairs!”