Fitness & Wellness Update 6/8/2020 – Family Health & Fitness Day

Good morning,

This week’s topic is all about fitness & family. Both great words that start with an “F” in my opinion. Believe it or not, we have  a national health day for this. On Saturday, June 13th (second Saturday of June), National Family Health & Fitness Day will occur. This specific day was created to promote the importance of parks and recreation in keeping communities healthy. I wanted to encourage family health and fitness day throughout this entire week. Normally, we would have had a hike planned to take advantage of our local parks and recreation, but due to complications with COVID-19, there are many different ways we can participate. Here are some ideas:

  • Challenge your family to a fitness challenge (See attached Everest Challenge and Plank Challenge). If you walk a mile, make your family feel accountable to walk a mile as well.
  • Have your family join a virtual exercise class with you. Let them know we have live exercise classes at 10:00 AM every day that they can access from YouTube. Take it a step further and see if you both can Zoom/video chat while you do it.
  • Have a virtual healthy recipe cook-off. Try each other’s recipes after and enjoy.
  • You and a family member try one of the attached and/or previously sent home workouts (refer to The Edenwald Murph, The Rona, Walking Improvement Exercises, etc.
  • Online puzzles and games are always great ways to connect with one another (I use the scrabble/words with friends app).

I have attached two monthly fitness challenges specifically for family health & fitness day. Both have one exercise to complete each day. The Everest Challenge involves a mountain climber exercise to climb 8,848 meters in 30 days. The 1 minute plank challenge involves performing a 1 minute plank hold once a day for 30 days. Please view this short clip on how to properly execute a mountain climber: (Please note you do not have to go at the same speed as the guy in the video. Choose a speed that is a moderate intensity for you.) as well as the attached sheet on plank progressions. These two challenges are great ways to challenge family members, provide a little friendly competition, and hold each other accountable for the exercise each day. Of course, any questions please reach out and I will be glad to help.

As always, please tune in to the daily exercise classes at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. I will be incorporating some other small fitness and health challenges throughout the week you can present to your family to try. I will also include a demonstration on how to properly perform the mountain climber exercise in the 10:00 AM exercise class today. See you on the TV screen!


Stay fit,

Ryan Meisel

Wellness Manager