Who Can Benefit From Independent Living?

Independent living communities, sometimes called retirement communities, are designed for active adults. Independent living communities offer various types of living arrangements, including apartments, condominiums, townhomes, cottages and single-family homes. These housing options vary from community to community.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living residents are able to live on their own in an apartment, cottage or townhome, but want to enjoy the conveniences of living in a community that provides services and amenities such as housekeeping, social activities, dining, transportation, security and more. Residents can benefit and enjoy the senior-friendly surroundings and the increased social opportunities that independent living communities are able to offer. In essence, independent living residents live safely and successfully on their own without assistance from others.

Many independent living communities offer amenities and services that make life easier for the older adult, freeing them to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

Independent living is the first senior living option in the continuum of care that is offered at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), which provides multiple living and care levels in one convenient location.

While stand-alone independent living communities typically do not provide skilled nursing care services and assistance with daily living, residents are permitted to utilize the services of a third party to meet additional care needs. This assistance allows the resident the flexibility to age in place instead of having to make an immediate move into an assisted living community and may include the services of a professional caregiver or a home health care agency.

Many independent living communities focus on health and wellness strategies that help residents stay active and independent for longer. Beyond having well-equipped fitness facilities or nutritious dining choices, many independent living communities have programming that focuses on the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual.

Typical Resident of Independent Living

The typical resident in an independent living community:

  • Is both physically and mentally capable of living alone
  • Does not require assistance with day-to-day activities
  • Does not require skilled nursing care

Independent Living Misconceptions

For some, the thought of moving from their home to an independent living community can be overwhelming. Many believe they’re too young and active to move to an independent living community where they’ll have to give up control and their independence. That is unfortunately an untruth about living at an independent living community.

Let’s review other common misconceptions concerning making the move to independent living.

“I’ll be bored.”

Residents of independent communities are seldom bored. In fact, there are often more activities than you have the time to take part in. From fitness classes and entertainment to a full schedule of activities, resident clubs and volunteer opportunities, independent living provides a multitude of ways for you to stay busy.

“I will lose my independence.”

Since an independent living community helps to remove time-consuming chores such as housekeeping, laundry and dining, you experience greater independence. You have more time and freedom to do the things you enjoy. Life in an independent living community enables you to do the things you want to do instead of the things you have to do.

Independent living is about giving you control of your life and giving you choices and offers activities and social opportunities to keep you engaged. Independent living communities offer a wide array of dining options for you to enjoy.

“What if my needs change?”

Many communities that offer independent living offer a continuum of care options. Some communities, like Edenwald, are CCRCs, which means they offer multiple living and care options in one convenient location – independent living, assisted living, memory care and comprehensive nursing care (sometimes called skilled nursing care).

“Moving to an independent living community will cause me to age quicker.”

The loneliness and isolation a person may experience when living alone often leads to more serious issues such as depression, anxiety and health-related concerns; whereas, the planned activities, outings, events and social clubs that take place in an independent living community can keep you happier and healthier. The social component of an independent living community adds a new dimension to life and creates better health.

 “I’ll lose my privacy.”

While you will be undoubtedly surrounded by more people than you are at your current home, in an independent living community you can retreat to your apartment anytime you choose to be alone. You control the frequency of social interactions with others.

“People will forget about me.”

Independent living communities host a range of activities and events that are open to family and friends, which means they will want to come to visit you and take part in your life. Plus, since you will be living in a community of likeminded individuals, you’re sure to make many new friendships as well.

Who Can Benefit from Independent Living?

Independent living offers many benefits. From having less home upkeep and social opportunities to nutritious dining and social outings, many older adults often don’t realize what they are missing until they discover independent living for themselves.

Someone Who Wants More Free Time to Enjoy Life

Who doesn’t want this? Sometimes the things that need to be done prevent you from having the time and energy to enjoy the things that you want to do. Independent living communities take care of the housekeeping, maintenance, laundry and meal preparation. This frees you to take part in hobbies, read a good book, partake in volunteer opportunities, spend valuable time with family and friends or to do anything else you desire. Imagine what you could do if these chores were removed from your plate.

Someone Who is Socially Isolated

One of the biggest reasons a person should consider a move to an independent living community is the numerous social opportunities available. As people age, they may become more alone and isolated. This can lead to various physical and mental health problems. In fact, loneliness can increase your chance of premature death by 14%. Loneliness and isolation can also cause:

From planned events and activities to gatherings in the common areas within the community, it’s hard to be lonely or feel isolated and you’re sure to meet new friends and enjoy old ones.

Someone Who Needs More Physical or Mental Stimulation

Both physical and mental stimulation are important for older adults. Both are important for long-term health. Physical exercise is good for your body and may even help prevent Alzheimer’s. Brain exercises even can stave off dementia. All the events and activities, including exercise classes, provided by independent living communities will benefit you in so many ways, both physically and mentally.

Independent Living at Edenwald

Independent living at Edenwald is everything that retirement living should be. As a resident, you’ll appreciate our many onsite services and amenities all conveniently located under one roof. You’ll also love the convenience of being in the heart of Townson and just a short one-block stroll from Towson Town Center where you can enjoy lots of shopping and dining. Plus, you can get out and enjoy long walks through the woods on the Goucher College trails that are adjacent to Edenwald.

The services and amenities offered at Edenwald are numerous. You’ll find everything you need within steps of your own private apartment home.

Everyone has to think about, and plan for, the future. Edenwald makes it easy. Since independent living, assisted living, memory care and comprehensive nursing care are all provided at Edenwald, you can have peace of mind knowing that you always have a place to call home.

Independent living residents can choose from a range of spacious floorplan options, which include:

  • Studio and one-bedroom apartments with private balconies
  • One-bedroom and one-bedroom with den options
  • Two-bedroom and two-bedroom with den options
  • The penthouse

Whether you are a single person or a married couple, Edenwald has a living option that’s right for you. Whatever your passions and interests may be, including multiple dining options, activities and events, you’ll find them fulfilled at Edenwald. Want to schedule a tour or learn more? Contact us today. We look forward to visiting with you! Come discover the unparalleled Edenwald lifestyle for yourself.