State of the Union Response to Nursing Homes

Dear Residents, Staff, Family and Friends of Edenwald,

During the President’s State of the Union Address he spoke very strongly about ensuring that nursing homes are held accountable for the bad care that is delivered.  Interesting enough, in the published public statements released before the SOTU the administration clearly differentiated the difference in quality between for-profit (Investor/REIT nursing homes) and no- for-profit mission driven organizations.  All research and outcome data clearly shows that not-for-profit organizations provide both quality of care and quality of life for those people served.  The pandemic outcome data also clearly shows the difference in outcome and the superior results delivered by not-for-profit mission driven organizations, such as Edenwald.

The attached communication was put out by LeadingAge, our national association for not for profits serving seniors.  Battling this generalization and messaging about nursing homes and poor care is so important and the Biden Administration had an opportunity to provide some clarity about its intentions and what it knew to be true and factual and it chose not to do so in the moment they had, unfortunately.

Everyone knows there are bad nursing homes and experiences we would hope no one would ever have; and then there are quality organizations who have served the community for over a hundred years, we want to show and acknowledge with pride the work our organization and the Edenwald staff do every day.  Please be sure to take a moment to thank an Edenwald caregiver and express your appreciation.  It’s hard to work every day in a field that is not given the respect and appreciation it is due and we want our staff to know how much we love and appreciate them.