Resident Reactions to Senior Living in 2020

A Positive Pandemic Experience

As we have all heard ad nauseam by now, we are certainly living in unprecedented times. The general consensus of mass media coverage surrounding senior living communities during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a bit panic-inducing for the general public. However, when actual senior living residents were surveyed, the data provides a much more optimistic perspective on the situation.

In fact, several studies have been conducted regarding senior living during this pandemic, including a remote MIT AgeLab study during the pandemic which yielded fascinating results. That study sought to “get a better idea of how the pandemic affected day-to-day life for older adults” through a series of phone interviews and online surveys, and resulted in senior living residents reporting a largely positive pandemic experience thanks to several key factors.

  1. Staff

Here at Edenwald, our staff was quick to exercise their creativity in developing new ways to engage with our residents, and it made a world of difference. From PPE-clad Happy Hour beer and wine deliveries, to moving exercise classes online, and even hosting virtual trivia nights, every single department pitched in to help our residents maintain a sense of normalcy.

We even managed to inject some extra fun into the new routines, like our dining staff writing thoughtful messages onto meal containers, or Bridget and Lori from our Administrative staff donning inflatable dinosaur suits to make deliveries throughout the building. Edenwald residents were so appreciative of all the staff contributions, even calling them, “a true ray of human hope”.

  1. Mental Health & Wellness Resources

It’s no secret that mental health and overall wellness have been pushed to the forefront of our minds amidst the pandemic, as routines change and social contacts are limited. Our Wellness Manager Ryan swiftly transitioned his daily class offerings online, as well as utilizing Edenwald’s YouTube channel to educate about proper safety protocols like social distancing and wearing masks. His weekly updates and daily programming are a pillar of solidarity for our residents’ routines.

Our Health Care team also implemented new ways to help with mental health, including a partnership with local company Counterpoint who offer a wide range of mental health services specifically tailored to the needs of seniors and their communities. Counterpoint works collaboratively with Edenwald’s team to provide customized care for our residents, including access to a psychiatric nurse practitioner for those who may need medication recommendations or additional support.

Residents at Edenwald always have the support of a licensed social worker to assist with both mental and emotional needs, as well as any logistical challenges that may arise. This support has been invaluable to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as our social worker, Meghan, is able to connect residents to different resources like supportive therapy referrals.

  1. Technology Support

The demand for technology and an understanding of it has exponentially increased since the outbreak of COVID-19, which presented unique challenges for seniors and their senior living communities. Thankfully Edenwald was ready to rise to the occasion, and quickly noticed that this increase in technology usage would require additional technology support.

Our IT Specialist Robert is available on-call during business hours to assist residents with any and all technology, and Demaris from our Activities team offers private, socially-distanced technology lessons including tutorials on social media platforms like Facebook. Edenwald residents have no reason to worry!

We’re Here to Help

With the right support, it is possible to maintain some sense of normalcy and positivity during uniquely abnormal times. That’s where Edenwald’s team comes into play! Our staff is doing everything in our power to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents. Don’t just take our word for it, take a peek at what our current residents have to say.

To learn more about our maintenance-free, supportive living community, please contact us today.