Meet the Wagner’s!

We moved into Edenwald just 4 months ago and have not regretted our decision for one single moment.  For years we talked about taking the bull by the horns and moving to a life care facility while we had the ability to make all our own life decisions.

We searched for 5 years for the perfect facility to fit for our needs.  We made appointments at every facility within an hour drive of our home in Lutherville. We chose Edenwald because Fran had lived in Campus Hills just next-door from age 12 to 24.  She worked in the old Towson Plaza Shopping Center as a secretary in an office building above Read’s Drug Store. Charlie too was very comfortable with the Towson area having lived as an adult in both Rodgers Forge and Lutherville.

We decided Edenwald was going to be our home in the future.  Edenwald was warm, welcoming and friendly with each visit.  Each time we visited we were warmly greeted by residents in the hallways and every member of the staff in every job description.  We felt truly welcomed.

The day that we moved into our apartment residents sent us flowers, plants, and balloons and we were warmly greeted by friendly neighbors.

We love our apartment!  We love our neighbors!  We loved all the activities offered every day.  We have taken numerous field trips, attended concerts and lectures as well as viewed every movie that is shown in the auditorium.  There are many times that we pinch ourselves feeling like we are on a cruise ship catering to a mature population.

We are looking forward to getting involved with Wellness Manager, Ryan, and all the programs that he has to offer.  We did join him on a field trip to a Puzzle Room which as a hoot!  We also have brought our bikes to Edenwald and are storing them in the garage.  We are anxious for the weather to cooperate so we can bike on the North Central Rail Trail.

While we are in this current situation, we have been keeping in touch with our neighbors by phone and getting the last of our boxes unpacked and settled. We know that we are supported by the entire community of Edenwald for whatever steps need to be taken.  No regrets at all for our decision to make Edenwald our home!