Meet LaShawn Muhammad, Moving Services Specialist

In August of 2009, LaShawn Muhammad walked into Edenwald looking to fill the open Security Officer position. During the middle of her interview the fire alarm went off and her interviewers sprung into action. About 15 minutes later, they returned and were surprised  to see LaShawn still waiting. The Director of Security nicely stated, “I’m sorry but given your lack of experience we will not be able to select you for this position, I thought that was made clear before we left to check the alarm”.

Without blinking, LaShawn said “Yes sir, I heard you. But because of the alarm I didn’t get to tell you why I’m the perfect candidate for this job”.  LaShawn was instead offered a position as on-call receptionist, but after working one week, she impressed staff and residents with her attention to detail and the ability to remember everyone’s name and apartment number.

Since that time, LaShawn has had many titles at Edenwald including, Security Evening Team leader, Support Services Coordinator, Support Services Manager and her current role as of January 2020 as Moving Services Specialist. Her favorite part of working at Edenwald is the love between the residents and her fellow staff members. She is often asked how she remembers everyone’s name and her response is simply, “Don’t you remember the names of your family members?”.

After 10 years working with Edenwald, LaShawn has two goals: the first is to have her 2-year-old son, Alix, eventually get his first part-time job working as a Dining Server for Edenwald, and the second is to save money to eventually retire to Edenwald with her husband.  She says, “Isn’t it everyone’s ultimate goal to become a Resident of Edenwald?”.