In the Steps of RBG

Sometimes it can be so hard to find inspiration in our day-to-day lives.  Sometimes it takes someone’s passing to have that moment of recall, remembering that there are good and just people who strive for the advancement and betterment of all people.  I recall the sense of loss and sadness over the passing of Princess Diana, what seems like so long ago.  I have that same feeling today over the passing of RBG, and the outpouring of emotion we see over this monumental loss is not by accident.  The news cycle can make us forget that there is good, and greatness, in our world.  Let’s never forget that there are caring people who look toward justice for all.  We are surrounded by these individuals every day.  They are our family members, our coworkers and our residents.  Let’s hold these people up; let’s do that today and not wait to remember them later.


by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.
—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as quoted in Notorious RBG

So let me take one step right now,

one step toward respect.

And give me strength to take another

toward clarity. And though

my feet might feel like stones, let

me take another step toward justice.

And another toward equity. And another

toward truth. And though my legs

may feel leaden and slow, though someone

else may step on my toes, may I inch

toward forgiveness. May every step

be toward a bridge. Enough divisiveness.

And as I go, may I find joy in the stepping,

grace in the edging toward great change.

But if there’s little joy, let me step anyway.

Then take another step. And another. And another.