Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Edenwald,

We had another staff member test positive.  This individual was identified through our twice weekly testing.  Like the others, we do not feel there was any greater Edenwald exposure.  I am concerned that we are having people test positive.  Though the community isn’t being impacted in any significant way, I am always fearful that it will be and that a staff member or resident will have a negative outcome (i.e., die) so please be cautious and careful.  The chart below indicates our numbers since the start of the pandemic.


Location Tested (+) Cumulative   Currently (+)/On Quarantine
Healthcare and Assisted Living 2   0
Independent Living 6   2
Total 8   2
Dietary 7   3
Nursing 9   0
Environmental Services 9   1
Maintenance 0   0
Activities 1   0
Security/Transportation 5   0
Nursing Administration 0   0
Administration 0   0
Total 31   4


Meghan will be placing consent forms in your cubbies today.  We had some debate about whether we’d do this in advance of the clinic and she has decided to proceed.

Information for completion of the COVID-19 Vaccine consent form.

  • An Example on how to complete the consent form is on the bulletin board on the first floor.
  • Please only complete the highlighted sections of the form.
  • The form is front and back.  The back page only needs a signature.
  • If you feel any of the pre-completed information is not correct please contact Meghan Curtis 410-339-6155
  • If you do not have Medicare Part B or have an advantage plan a copy of your insurance card is attached. DO NOT REMOVE.
  • Once completed please submit your form to the medical suite on the first floor.


Please know that we are going to continue to work to try to get a vaccination clinic in advance of the February 3rd date.  So please review and complete the forms and return to Meghan as quickly as possible.


As always, our second-best defense is following the guidance we have communicated throughout the entire pandemic.

  • Wear a mask at all times when you are outside of your home or if someone is visiting your home.
  • Ensure that you are wearing the mask in an appropriate manner.  The mask must cover both nose and mouth at all times and should fit snuggly on your face.
  • Do not touch face.
  • Socially distance, six (6) feet or greater at all times.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Ideally, one person at a time on the elevators, never more than two.
    • Staff have been encouraged to keep their travel to the service elevators.
    • I would encourage residents to keep their travel to the residential elevators.
  • If you are having signs and symptoms self-quarantine and notify the Medical Suite.
  • If you or someone you have had contact with has gone for a COVID test, please self-quarantine until the results are received.  Also discuss this with the Medical Suite.  Depending on the circumstances you may still want to quarantine.


The Link for today’s Town Hall, which will broadcast on the in-house channel at 1:30.