Dear Residents, Staff, Family and Friends of Edenwald,

We have been so blessed throughout the pandemic.  All of your hard work and compliance with our ever evolving and changing mandates has made it possible for us to get through the past two years virtually unscathed by the coronavirus.  Yes, we’ve had our positive cases and quarantines and I won’t deny it’s been a rough couple of years being masked, socially distanced and away from our friends and family.

It’s been a blessing and a relief to gradually reopen our community.  I think we are again at a point where we can comfortably lift our remaining restrictions for the independent living side of the community.  So on Monday, March 14th we lift our restrictions on guests in the amenities areas and culinary venues.  We will also lift our mask mandate on guests entering the property.

Again, we feel we can take these step because of our almost universal compliance with the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’.  No, I can not guarantee that we won’t have the occasional positive case but we feel, as certain as we can, that because of our levels of vaccination that we can lift these final restrictions to enhance your life with minimal risk.

Healthcare and Assisted Living environments must continue to follow the Department of Health guidelines so visitors will continue to be masked in those areas.

It is still important that you assess your own individual risk factors.  If you are immunocompromised and have other health risks you should take whatever precautions you and your medical practitioner have decided are necessary.  You should also know the status and risk factors of any guests you invite in to our community.

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your care and level of compliance that has made it possible for us to arrive at this moment as a community together.