Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Edenwald,

We remain unchanged in our impact from the COVID-19 virus. The chart below summarizes our positive cases since the start of the pandemic:

Location Tested (+)
Stroh Hall 0
Eden Place 0
Hoerichs Hall 0
Southerly Place 1
Independent Living 1
Total 2
Department Tested (+)
Dietary 3
Nursing 4
Environmental Services 5
Maintenance 0
Activities 0
Security 0
Nursing Administration 0
Administration 0
Total 12


I receive frequent questions from residents about going on various trips or outings. As a result, we decided to rework a tool we’ve been using with the staff as they make their vacation plans for the season. The tool is intended to guide you in your decision-making on travel and participating in social gatherings. Copies of the checklist are in the Medical Suite or can be emailed to you by Meghan Curtis.

The elder population is extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. Your choices can mean life or death for yourself and your neighbors. Situations that may impact this decision-making include Public Health Authority orders/advisories and potential COVID-19 cases in your home and our greater community. The checklist is to serve as a resource for you to use in your decision-making. Traveling may result in a 14-day quarantine upon return and/or exclusion from the outdoor dining option. Ideally, if you’re making travel plans, please review the document and get together with Meghan and the staff of the Medical Suite. They are an invaluable resource for you while you consider your plans and talk through your intentions.

I hope you all realize I personally don’t want to be in a position of telling you what you can or cannot do. All I want to know is that you are thoughtfully considering your plans and acting accordingly to keep yourself, your neighbors, and staff safe.