David Brown Named Co-Chair of LeadingAge DEIB Workgroup

This article was published in LeadingAge of Maryland’s Weekly Digest. Check out their website to learn more! 

“LeadingAge Maryland DEIB Workgroup Announces Co-Leaders
Thank you David Brown, Chief Information and Equity Officer at Edenwald Senior Living, and Kenya Jeanlouis, Director of Clinical Operations at Ingleside, for helping to lead our DEIB Workgroup.

These two individuals have been incredibly instrumental in the formation of the DEIB Workgroup. We are grateful for their passion and commitment to this work, and for their many contributions!

David Brown, a Black man, Edenwald's Chief Information and Equity Officer, smiles brightly while wearing a blue suit in front of lush greenery
David joined Edenwald in 2013 and now oversees all aspects of information technology from infrastructure to cybersecurity. Prior to joining Edenwald, David worked for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., where he received the Congressional Award for outstanding achievement, service and public distinction. In addition to overseeing IT at Edenwald, his role has evolved to help lead and implement Edenwald’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. He is DEI certified and serves as Chair of the Edenwald DEI Committee.

“I am committed to the intentional and ever-evolving journey of embracing the differences of those in our organizations and communities. Through consistent and adaptive leadership, we can create environments where everyone is welcomed, valued, respected and supported. There will be tough but meaningful conversations, there will be growth and most of all, there will be inspiration; inspiration for us to be the change that we want to see. I look forward to the continued collaboration as we delve in to every dimension of DEIB, while taking measurable actions to shape our culture. Every person needs to be seen and every voice needs to be heard.”

Kenya Jeanlouis, a Black woman with long dark curls in her hair, is smiling and wearing a pearl necklace
Kenya Jeanlouis has been a nurse for over twenty-five years practicing in the DMV area. She worked tirelessly for the care and rights of residents in skilled nursing facilities in for profit communities prior to joining Ingleside in 2020 as the Director of Clinical Operations. At Ingleside her role is to set clinical objectives, systems, policies, and goals for the organization’s life plan communities.
“I am passionate about being a part of the DEIB workgroup because everyone deserves not only to be heard, but to be included. Diversity means respecting the different cultures we bring that make us unique. Equity means not second guessing whether or not what we do is fair as integrity makes it fair. Inclusion comes as second nature because we all matter. Belonging means we all have and deserve a seat at the table!”

The DEIB Workgroup meets next on February 10 at 10am. Contact Allison to get involved.”