A Message From Wellness Manager, Ryan Meisel


As we wrap up the month of May this weekend, I hope you have applied some of the information I have given you throughout mental health month. We all are trying our best to cope with the difficulties of COVID-19, being away from family, and minimal socialization. I get it, it’s tough. To help in these tough times, I will leave you with a “Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook” from The Wellness Society and a quick  step by step process on the Pause Presence Proceed method (from Gilchrist) to minimize stress. The Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook is a tool that includes mental health information, anxiety techniques, healthy distraction activities, creating your stress resilience action plan, and much more. As always, please be aware that we have many other mental health resources right here in our community. Please contact Meghan Curtis in the health suite for further insight.

For the ladies:

An article to peruse regarding women & mental health: “Does Gender Play A Role in Mental Illness?” (

Gender does play a role on our mental health. The article states that biological factors do play an important and critical role in mental illness. Women have lower serotonin levels than men and also process the chemical at slower rates, which can contribute to fluctuations in mood. Females are generally more predisposed to hormonal fluctuations as well. Biological differences alone can prove key to the development of some mental health issues. The World Health Organization mentions that women are two times more likely than men to develop certain mental health conditions like depression, eating disorders, and panic disorders.

Updates for Next Week (See attached schedule)

  • Tuesday, June 2nd  at 3:00 PM – Seated Yoga and Stretching (27 min)

  • Friday, June 5th at 3:00 PM – Meditation: Body Scan 2 (15 min)

Podcasts and Videos for the week

  • Ted Talk: “Brain health strategies — why and how we can prevent cognitive decline”

  • Ted Talk: “The brain changing benefits of exercise”

  • Science VS: “Organic Food”


Stay positive while bringing in the month of June,

Ryan Meisel, Edenwald Wellness Manager