Celebrating Diversity and Supporting Racial Justice

A Joint Message from the President and CEO of Edenwald and the President of the Edenwald Resident’s Association

June 5, 2020 

Dear Friends,

During these trying times, it’s important for organizations to clearly state and reinforce their values. In 2019 Edenwald spent considerable time and energy speaking to our residents and staff, with support and guidance from our Board of Directors, to assess and clearly state our Mission and Values.

As we see what is occurring nationally, it is hard not to feel impacted by the divisiveness and what has been occurring for far too long. The disrespect and devaluing of human life are not acceptable at any level, yet, as a nation, we have refused to grapple with our culture, the great divide that exists and how African Americans (and all minorities) are treated in this country

As an organization, we clearly understand why the protests are occurring. We clearly understand that there are frustrations and that people are not being heard. We understand that there is anger, sadness and real fear. At Edenwald we value diversity and stand in solidarity with our staff, our residents and the community at large.

At Edenwald, we are a family and we stand as a family. We will speak out against injustice and will ensure that our staff, our residents and anyone associated with our organization feels valued, respected and appreciated. It is critical, now more than ever, that we stand by our values as a community and hold up the best of what Edenwald and our nation stand for.


Mark Beggs, Edenwald President and CEO

Katherine ‘Kitty’ Allen, President of the Edenwald Resident’s Association


Mission and Values


Edenwald creates a caring community inspiring people to thrive and live lives of significance.



  • Truly connecting and knowing our neighbors
  • Creating meaningful bonds


  • Celebrating diversity
  • Treating people the way we want to be treated
  • Reinforcing the value we see in all people


  • Being honest and respectful
  • Being transparent and keeping people informed
  • Embracing dialogue and collaboration


  • Encouraging people to be active and involved
  • Sharing our blessings and giving back to the community
  • Striving to continue to learn and grow
  • Providing the support that enables people to reach their greatest potential


  • Honoring our history and our promise to serve the community
  • Being good stewards of our resources
  • Caring for our community and the environment